Haruhi Suzumiya
30 July 2026 @ 03:36 pm
This post here is for personal conversations which should happen but one or both of us doesn't want to put up a new post/log and thus we will just thread it out here. This can be used to thread with Haruhi anytime and anywhere. This can either be in person (with action), or via the journal's call feature (voice and/or written).

When replying to this post please mark in the subject line when and how it is taking place EX:
[Action, March 11th]
[Voice, September 8th]
Written, June 10th]

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Haruhi Suzumiya
16 December 2014 @ 04:19 pm
[ Action ]

[ There is a sign outside of the SOS-Brigade's HQ today, which reads: MAKE A WISH, DELIVER INSIDE. The arrow points to the door into the building. Inside the building, Haruhi herself is going to be waiting there all day, possibly browsing the journal, possibly reading something else, possibly practicing her magic, but she's in one of the front room's chairs with a box in front of her, decorated with tinsel and streams labeled "FOR WISHES" as well as some cards and pens for people to write things on if she wants.

So she didn't do a Secret Santa. But this works just as well, right? Mostly. But come on people, entertain her. ]
Haruhi Suzumiya
12 January 2014 @ 04:45 pm
[ Action ]

[ So Winry is gone.

And Edward Elric. And then some voice messages show that Trisha and Hohenheim are both gone as well. Really, that one woman at the smithy who Leon knows already mentioned Winry and anyone who wants to or cares to and look into Trisha or Edward themselves. For her part, she just needed to do something. Genuinely not sure how to handle all of them being gone, she sort of flanders around some of the day - until she resolves to do something. The night sky will be clear tonight (at least around the SOS-Brigade's HQ, thanks her powers) as she collects every single firework the Brigade still has in its storage left. She'll be emptying it, yes, but who cares. Thus, most of her afternoon is spent setting it all up in the back yard of the HQ. And then come sundown- she lights them off.

Small ones, big ones. A few mortars. The full extent of what Leon's made for them. In the midst of the show (which might last the upwards of an hour and half-ish) Haruhi opens up her journal, and speaking loudly into it, she explains:]

[ Voice ]

Amestris is no longer represented here in Luceti - and this is a celebration of that fact! [ Because what else can she say? Do? Feel? Winry at least will finally be having her children soon enough ] And besides that fact, I've got something else to say! What's allowing this show to be put on is the ingenuity of the SOS-Brigade! The same SOS-Brigade which is looking to make sure everyone here on this planet leads a worthwhile life until they get sent back! Or until this world sees its end!

And starting tomorrow, the SOS-Brigade is recruiting - Even if you don't want to join the Luceti branch, I suggest you stop by the HQ for more information, so you can accomplish something as long as you're here in Luceti.

[ you can also run into her outside the HQ that night as she's setting everything off and it's being loud and bright and stuff ]

[ Action 2 ]

[ True to her word, this whole day is spent with her in the SOS-Brigade's HQ. She is waiting inside at the front desk, waiting for people to come in. She would have been outside but... it's cold still. And on the door are two posters: one of them is this one and the second is an older poster she found sitting around the HQ.

So come on in. Come and hear her out. Maybe she'll even lecture if a lot of people show up. Not that she's totally expecting anyone too. She's just trying to get this moving and stave off her own growing loneliness. ]

[ Also!!: If anyone has/will be recruiting for the Brigade on missions or drafts, it would be awesome if you would/will reply here so I can keep a tally. ]
Haruhi Suzumiya
11 December 2013 @ 06:56 pm

[ She went from emo but focused, to focusedly unfocused, to... now. Today is Winry's birthday and when she wakes up in the morning she has resolved to go and visit her this afternoon. But she's been trying to deal with her increasing spotty and overfocus'd desire to know all the things for the past few weeks. The Shard has been getting the better of her for... well okay mostly for worse. So from about 6AM (when she sets out for her morning run all over town) to 2PM Haruhi can be found doing one of three things around the square in a thick coat:

a) Cleaning up and taking out some excessive stuff in the Brigades HQ. There might only be four of them right now, but she's going to get more as soon as she gets over whatever this Shift is. So she has resolved to do this. She is doing this while having a small fireball orbit her head to remind her not to read all the things. So there's that . . .

b) Talking to anyone she sees. First to ask them questions about their lives, their hair, the world, their... everything. Just pestering, annoying questions as she's trying to get it out of her system. She might look annoyed at herself as she's asking them. Also, she'll be working to give out fliers about the SOS-Brigade to sort of spread it... she needs to revise this flier though. If only she could use more words.

c) Shopping. Namely, she is looking for fresh ingredients in the Grocery to make ready for some plans of hers and to re-stock her own house (it's been a while, hasn't it...?), to All Passions to make a request for a new custom jacket, and then to the original and normal Clothing Store to look for some costumes she could use on Shinji and/or Grune when she gets back in business. Also the Item Shop to look for any sort of magical whatevers she can find...

And later in the day she'll be making her way to Winry's and either way, sometime in the night, she'll end up at Good Spirits for some light drinks and to attempt to be social without dissolving into the question monster. ... But she might anyway ]
Haruhi Suzumiya
17 November 2013 @ 02:36 pm
[Action ]

[ Kyon went home. Kyon went home and the world didn't even notice. Which in some ways is not surprising - he went home just as they were going to Malnosso World. Oh sure the Brigade in Luceti probably noticed as the (increasingly infrequent or at least shorter due to the small size) meetings had him absent where he never really was before but for the most part? Who cared?

Well, Haruhi did.

And because of Haruhi caring around that, she threw herself hard into studying again. In Malnosso World she could work on making progress with her Extended Brigade but in the first week back she signed up for all sorts of missions to not get accepted to any. And so... she studied. Magic, technology, history, cryptoids, anything she could do apart from people because she didn't want to deal with people. Which is why apart from jogging in the morning, going to the Brigade HQ for meetings, and going home at night (maybe a snack between) much of Haruhi's time was in the library and she looks increasingly frumpy. As in she hasn't slept great and her hair has been better. You can encounter her doing this, or you might encounter her practicing some sigils, or meditating for spirits as the weeks drag on... but eventually:]

[ Voice ]

A lot of people have shown themselves to be sort of stupid here before now, but does anyone have some interesting facts or stories to tell me? I want to know more about whatever you want to tell me about. And if you don't, someone come to the HQ and help me test out some things. I've been working on some spells or ways to work with the Filial Spirits. So come on, Luceti.

[ She may or may not be a little distant sounding, but she is interested ]
Haruhi Suzumiya
29 October 2013 @ 08:14 pm
[ Voice // October 27th ]

Is this thing still working-- yeah, I think it is. Kyon?

[Some scrambled text which is clearly a test filter and then a much more somber note hits her. Oh...]

-Kyon's gone. Home, I mean, unless these things are bugged out here. If anyone sees him, tell me.

[ Action // All the Days (October 27th - November 2nd) ]

[ Haruhi managed to almost, almost escape and hide from the first wave of droids. Not quite though, and ultimately she was taken along with the rest of her house. Which resulted in her being... here. The moon, and Malnosso World. And you know what, it's not as bad as it could be. Actually, no, for October? This is great, unless something is going to end up going horribly wrong at the last moment. Which she is wary for, particularly around Halloween itself, but for the most part...

The first few days, Haruhi is situating herself in the trip. Going out and having fun (mostly in Casino Land or Thrill Land, though she goes everywhere), trying to spend time with friends, and trying to find Kyon. This makes up most of her days, but come night- she makes a realization. She is (technically) allowed to go into the districts of the other enclosures. It's not like she came stocked beyond what's in her purse normally, but she can go and talk with them, hear their experiences, and maybe even recruit a few into her Brigade. And so, to mixed results, she tries to do just that: hang out at other enclosures in the night, go out and have fun on the park during the day.

Sometimes this alternates (most notably, on Halloween itself, Haruhi can only be found in Junior Land because of both discovering dinosaurs and figuring it's least likely for people to mess with kids on that day) and she might well invite people to come with her to the Lands (particularly Bubble Land which she does not want to solo) or the other districts with her, but damn if she isn't spending as much time as she can doing something during this whole trip. Well, except baseball - if she runs into any ball toss games or batting games she's so out of there. Or ball players.

... And she assures you, it has nothing to do with how lonely it is to be the only one from North High left in Luceti. She's used to that. Totally. That's not at all why she's trying to spend time with people even as she's doing these errands. (it is though: feel free to assume you've been dragged or invited to either ride rides, play games, or chat up people from other enclosures. ...Or help her try to find SCUBA equipment. That too)]
Haruhi Suzumiya
15 July 2013 @ 10:36 pm
blah blah blah about loss )

[Disbelieving her own thoughts, Haruhi manages to step out of the house, but not much further than that. Haruhi makes it about five steps out of House 21 before it all hits her. That of those old people - of the ones who know about Hinamizawa (as far as she knows), of the ones who know that old drama with Shiki, of her and her boys, of all of it... she's the last of them. And this lonesomeness, perhaps, is more devastating than any of their losses individually. She might be turning 21 at the end of the month, but right now, Haruhi feels like a child as she collapses onto her knees and is very aware that she must be crying.

Because it's just so unfair. It is so, so unfair.

--People can run into her there, or when she collects herself enough to go first to Community Building 6 (out in the middle of nowhere, really...) to see Kyon. Or when she finally goes back home, in no real condition and holding no real desire to make dinner. Or en route to any of those locations. Either way, a voice entry follows, her voice very small sounding:]


Leon, you're promoted to Vice-Chief of the Brigade. [ ...She can't muster more than that. She can't muster some big "guys, Keiichi Maebara went home" entry. Much less include Ange in it too. Let someone else do that if they want. Anyone who knows her Brigade will understand from that anyway ]

...You know, the SOS-Brigade I founded a North High was only ever five members. ["When I left home, I was still thinking about expansion" // "That's why I founded one here" ...Neither of those sound right.] The one here in Luceti has seven, right now. But unlike home, I don't know when any of them will vanish. That's how it's always been here, and really, there's a lot more we have to do here- [...Where is her pride, again? She doesn't know. She just swallows it. She stops herself short of just asking for more members. Hell, maybe that's belittling to the ones that are left (left...) right now. Maybe she'll do an ad campaign in the future. Maybe she'll work it into the next big event they do. Maybe a lot of things. For now, she just wants to hug her rooster and leave it at that] -Whatever.

[And with that she ends it. People can make what they will of that.]
Haruhi Suzumiya
20 June 2013 @ 10:51 pm

[Sure she's still reeling from Shiki being Gone. And Hiccup. And Astrid. And ... well. Her Brigade is down to a small number but she doesn't have the gusto to do much for recruiting. She'll send out Grune in a skimpy outside soon enough, she decides, but for the time being, there is one project her Brigade's name was attached to which sort of trailed off over time-]

Does anyone miss Project Hydra Social?

[It's not like her to ask for approval. And really, she isn't, not quite. But a part of her isn't motivated for anything, so- she's going to ask there. She can answer or discuss it with people from the comfort of her own hoe, maybe as she practices something magical. And besides this-]

[Voice // Filtered to the SOS-Brigade]

Who's up for the mainden voyage and the christening of our submarine? We should do that, before the end of the month!

[This can also be action for anyone who wants to run into her at her house]
Haruhi Suzumiya
05 May 2013 @ 11:18 am
Window Dressing )

It's mid-afternoon by the time she collects herself and all but insists she handle this-]


[Her voice is more ragged than usual, but also dull. It's lacking in vibrancy to a degree she hasn't really felt since... when? Maybe the break up, a little over a year ago.]

Shiki Misaki's back in Shibuya now, and I'm pretty sure Neku is too. [She feels like there was a third person-- oh who cares] Shiki's got a ton of stuff because she was stupid and sentimental like that, so if you knew her, you probably got something from her. [How can she end this. She hasn't even cried yet, reall-- oh, duh]

Joshua, don't you dare reply to this.

[There, over.

If you want action, Haruhi'll be up on the roof of House 10, one of her prime moping spots, most of the day. She can also see people going to get stuff Shiki left them at House 10 from there too]
Haruhi Suzumiya
25 April 2013 @ 07:16 pm
[Voice // Filtered to the SOS-Brigade]
Alright, I'm back! We'll be moving on to new and better things soon, because I've decided on how we're going to ring out spring! Details in the next meeting, so be sure all of you are at it, even if meetings have been a little lax lately. Failure to be there will be met with punishment!

Oh-! Right! All of you met our new members [Diamond, Pearl, Twilight, Usagi] by now, right? If you somehow didn't, get on that! After all, I'm going to promote one of my Brigade members to Deputy-Vice-Chief sometime soon, and there's no way you'll be in the running unless you're on the ball.

Over and out.

[And with that out of the way, Haruhi Suzumiya is back in the village proper. It's only been a little more than a week since she started her "camp all over the place to try to hook up with more filial spirits" plan, but she's already started to hear more than she did before. Sona was still blocking her, but now she thinks she's been hearing more from Tsinku and Kipinn (finally) is something she's been starting to work with magically. So now she's back in town and decides--

You know what, it's warmer out after that cold snap and it's not raining. So she's going to just spend the whole day outside. She considers a Flower Viewing, but that's no good solo. Instead, she goes back to House 10 to dig through it until she finds her guitar and then goes to sit down on the edge of the fountain with it. She practiced a lot with it last year, but she hasn't in a while--

But after some messing around, it's not perfect, but she might be playing this or this as well as she can from memory, and after that she just starts to do random things which come to mind. She's surprised how well she can remember, and wonders a little why she stopped in the first place. This is sort of fun]
Haruhi Suzumiya
09 March 2013 @ 07:48 pm
[Action / Video]

[The follow stuff happens in the plaza but the journal also records it. Either Haruhi has propped up her journal to record it or told one of her underlings to record it. And after the speech portion of it, she'll pick up her journal to answer questions or otherwise talk to people who responded.

So our seen begins with a young lady wearing a fluffy white coat and wielding a megaphone. She brushes back her hair (now at her shoulder blades or so) and wonder if maybe she should trim it soon. Well, whatever. A deep inhale, a grin to herself, and she starts off on the megaphone]

Attention, Luceti! Some of you feel the tedium of every day here, right?! People get overwhelmed by the tragedies everyone here goes through, and then... what? A lot of people decide to just shut off and become depressed sticks in the mud or boozers. Obviously, you can't help everyone who goes down that route or anything and not everyone wants to live a more worthwhile life - but! I'm here to tell you that the Spreading Excitement All Over the World With Haruhi Suzumiya Brigade, SOS-Brigade for short, is offering alternatives!

[She pauses here for breath, and taps the pin badge on her chest]

Obviously, some of you probably have already seen some of the events we put on, or maybe participate in Hydra Social, which my underling, Oswald, manages! And you've thought "how can I have as much fun as those people?" Well, right now, you have two options! Either you can join the SOS-Brigade obviously, or you can sign up to get a list of twenty suggestions from me for a more fulfilling month. If you sign up for that though, be ready to complete at least half of it and show me the results!

[And she bows now, setting down the megaphone before she says the next part]

That's it, Haruhi Suzumiya, over and out!
Haruhi Suzumiya
29 January 2013 @ 03:01 pm

You know, we're coming up on February. [...] I guess the obvious thing is Valentines, given the weird fetish that the Organization has for it, but there's also Setsubun. People from Japan know about that, right? The SOS-Brigade's never really done something for it, but we should this year.

[That said, her voice doesn't have a ton of gusto in it. It's sort of dulled, just... stating things matter-of-factly, almost bored. She's still upset about Minato and various other problems associated with that. She still wants to be alone, but being alone isn't going to help anyone else. She's not quite altruistic enough to care about everyone, but there's a few people...]

I guess the lunar new year would be around now too, wouldn't it? But it's hard to call that unless anyone's been charting the moon too carefully here. And Foundation Day and we missed Coming of Age Day, but who cares about both of those?

[...Though, there's also that thing with Richard and Isamu. Nope, don't care.]

Whatever. Haruhi Suzumya, over and out.

[And if you want action, she is at the Brigade's HQ. Sort of wanting and sort of not wanting people to step in]
Haruhi Suzumiya
20 December 2012 @ 05:08 pm
[Okay so her not!date a few days ago ended up a disaster all things considered. She's really not sure how to handle facing Kyon or Minato even four days later hence my need to have a second post such a short time later. She's sort of hunt out in the Brigade's front room or at her house -- it's too cold to really sit on the roof of her house, like she might otherwise do. She meant to just be introspective and avoid people other than housemates or people who came to call, even having a silent period in Brigade Meetings.

But well, now there's elves. She ignored the elf for the first day, but it's still here and honestly, the first few requests about hanging up decorations or fixing up that tree Minato and her still got despite the failure of that day. So she does those. Then, its fourth request is... to go caroling all over town for two hours.


It's silly, but it's just silly enough for her to want to do it. Honestly, it didn't even tell her what she had to sing. So--- Haruhi will be going all over town, to knock on the front doors of various houses and then sing songs ranging from: Eye of the Tiger to God Knows to Lost My Music, and maybe even a little Pillows. Basically, anything she can recall how to sing off hand. The blatant defiance of the elf's no doubt intended edict of doing Christmas songs feels good. She'll do more things by the book for the elf later, sure, but right now, this level of defiance feels very good.

Feel free to encounter her whole she's "caroling," between houses (with her getting increasingly happy the closer to the end of her run she is), or during her avoidance period. PS: If you're in the Brigade, see here for New Years discussion.]
Haruhi Suzumiya
16 December 2012 @ 06:24 pm
[It's been sort of a long path, but Haruhi Suzumiya has a... something. She's still hesitating around the word "boyfriend," but someone she is seeing in something sort of resembling a romantic capacity (SSISISSORARC). They were "test running" in October, she was avoiding him in November, and in December, they've been taking it slow. Hanging out more, going out to places, having some meals together...

And now, well, Haruhi decides she wants to mix it up some. So in the morning today she does her usual "throw rocks at Minato's window until he comes outs" and then he's dragged along out into the forest with an ax and ordered the chop down a Christmas tree for her house. She's not really done this weird Western custom all that much before, it it sounded fun to try out this year, particularly with a SSISISSORARC to chop down the tree, lug it to house ten, and then prop it up inside before they go out to collect things to put on it, and finally, decorate with.

Honestly, this might seem like slave labor, but the indicative thing about it is that this happens on a Sunday. She called Winry to apologize and say they should hang out more in the next week but she's cancelling on "their" day a few days before, but didn't give Minato notice about this. If he realizes what she's implying or not is up in the air -the meaning is pretty elusive.

This is a joint post with Minato ([personal profile] emp3thy), and you can run into them many places, but some examples are:
1) Going out into the forest in the morning to chop down the tree... and the time Minato needs to spend chopping when they find it.
2) Coming back with the tree in the later morning and bringing it to House 10
3) Collecting decorations for the tree from the item shop around mid-day and bringing them back to House 10
4) Decorating the tree in the early afternoon at House 10 (this one is prob just for House 10)
5) Going out to a late lunch after skipping two meals aside from snacks after that, at Seventh Heaven and lamenting the variety of places to go for this

Or whatever else between those you can spawn up]
Haruhi Suzumiya
03 November 2012 @ 12:13 pm

Okay, does everyone remember the raffle with fabulous prizes that my very talented minion, Duplica, ran some time ago?! [this, that is] Well it's time to announce the results!

[Haruhi is standing in front of a shoe box filled with raffle tickets. Well, "filled." Either way, she rummages in there to pick the first name] There might be ten prizes, but there can only be three winners! This draw is for the third pick of prize and it's... [Pull out and reading:] Fenimore! One of the close runners up in the SOS-Brigade's Cross Beauty Pageant a while back! Congratulations! [Fist pump, and now rummage for number 2...] Aaaand it's our very own Oswald! The so-called Lucky Rabbit lucks out with second pick! And the number one ceed goooooes to... [Rummage and pull out-- whoa]

Wow, whoever this is has really nice handwriting. [Okay... reading-] Sakura... Oogami. Okay, Sakura Oogami, you get first pick! All three of you should head to the SOS-Brigade's HQ to tell me which prize you're claiming! In order, Sakura gets first pick, then Oswald, then Fenimore! And if you liked this raffle, and want to do more fun things like it, you should consider joining the SOS-Brigade!

[Okay and then she sits. There's a short pause before-] Furthermore, anyone who was in the last draft- I heard it was in a different Enclosure. I don't really care about all the details of the fighting, but anyone who can tell me what that other village was like can get the beneficial thanks of the leader of the SOS-Brigade! After all, it's Culture Day, so you might as well.

[She salutes the book! Then the end thought-]

And as a parting thought: Do you like pirates, or ninja?

[She doesn't get why they're a polarized debate. But a job is a job, and she might as well make it fun]


[and Haruhi will be in the HQ for them. But then later in the day she's going to be planting a sign in the ground outside the HQ which reads:

"Got Problems? Come in and Consult the SOS-Brigade!"

And then she's going to be sitting the HQ waiting for clients and answering things on voice the rest of the time.

OOC: Brigade Plans for November, if anyone wants to jack onto threads about pirates and ninjas, feel free to go for it.]
Haruhi Suzumiya
03 October 2012 @ 02:46 pm

For everyone who knew the idol and the Deputy-Vice Chief of the Brigade, Azusa Miura, I can say confidently that she'd been sent home. I didn't check her apartment yet, but there's a lot of stuff in her Brigade locker here at the HQ. The typical letters Jeez, when did she write all these... for a few people are here for one. [For the people listed here. She expects those who know her to ask or just stop by] You can stop by to pick them up. She's left some other things too, but those are mostly Brigade property.

[And she flips through the items some more before... you know there's no "FOR X" on here, but there are some bookmarks in some of them which say her name on them so.]

...Except these things. Buffy, are you a woman yet? [She doesn't get a filter. The next guy does]

[Filtered to Sanji // 85% Unhackable]

I've got something in particular for you.


[So for the last few days, Haruhi was Shiki. That... Was weird. She has decided to make herself as Haruhi as possible. So she's actually going to ignore that aside from maybe her housemates and Minato and sit inside the Brigade HQ all day at the front desk. That event had to be traumatizing for some people, maybe they'll get some clients looking for counseling! ...Finally!

The spelunking trip is in a few days anyway so.

Come on in, step in! Be therapy'd! PS: Brigade To Do List]
Haruhi Suzumiya
20 September 2012 @ 11:24 pm
Filtered to the SOS-Brigade )

[Voice // Open]

Oh right, if anyone needs flying transportation that the teleporters that Leon of the SOS-Brigade provided with some help from Sokka can't get you to, the SOS-Brigade now has a flying dragon in our coffers. Her name's Isabelle and she'd love the exercise!

[BONUS ACTION: If anyone wants to run into Haruhi jogging around town in the morning or shopping in the afternoon after the meeting you can do either]
Haruhi Suzumiya
14 August 2012 @ 02:26 pm

Summer's drawing to a close already... we're already half-way through August, pretty much. There's really a lot of things left to do now, even if I wasn't really planning a lot... [A hum] I guess being made super old wasn't in my plans. [Old...] I'm actually twenty years old now, how weird is that? [Physically now, even, because of what happened on her birthday. Not that is will necessarily stand out to people] But anyway, seriously? There's submarining, bug catching, exploring some ancient ruins, spelunking, maybe going out on a date or something... Actually I'd like to spelunk! SOS-Brigade, assuming that we don't get a working submarine in two weeks, let's go explore some caverns!

-Right, that reminds me. I haven't been around for it, but this is Luceti so I'm sure bad things have happened. If any of you guys are suffering from issues - emotional psychological, interpersonal, maybe economic, the SOS-Brigade can assist you. Bonus points if it's interesting, but our doors are open! [And if you don't want to respond to this post or make your own or something you can reply here] Similarly, if you want to help people like that, go spelunking, or are at all are into the idea of your life being filled with purpose and meaning, sign up to join the SOS-Brigade! You need only make sure it's approved by the Chief, that is to say, me.

Oh, right... Anyone who's from Xion's world and can use magic, I'd like a word with you guys.

Filters: Precis, Leon, Helios, Sokka, Howard, and Hiccup )
Haruhi Suzumiya
24 July 2012 @ 05:36 pm

Jeez, everyone. I know I'm due to hit forty soon enough, but as pranks go, making everyone half my age is pretty excessive. [It's in a semi-serious tone, but she's actually being sarcastic here] This is going to make the birthday party I hope some of you are planning pretty awkward, isn't it?

[Short laugh. It's funny, okay]

I'll be heading by the Brigade HQ for anyone who's around. The village is smaller too, gosh. See you there!

[So Haruhi Suzumiya is significantly older now! She's in her later 30s and as noted here will remain as such until her birthday on the 31st. You're free to answer the voice today or you can run into her in Action in any of the following situations (or anything else you come up with) on any day between now and the 30th!:

A) Shopping for clothes and accessories. Sure she's probably the result of some Shift, but she's going to be comfortable for this time, okay. Gosh.
B) Hanging out in and around House 10 or the HQ. She'll be with Sekai, and very enamored to see the rooster once more. ♥ She also might be witnessed meditating in these places, cooking meals at home, or otherwise doing her best to enjoy herself
C) At Good Spirits or Cloud Nine. She'll be at different ones on different nights for different reasons. Either way, some light drinking, darts, watching people perform, all that good stuff.
D) Swimming or tanning on the beach. Sure she's older, but she might as well distract/enjoy herself during this time, right. You also might see her performing some higher end spell work like putting an air bubble around her head to dive under the water here.
E) Going to the Hot Springs to have a nice dip. Hot Springs are things people always ought to enjoy. :|
F) People watching around town. This might be done in the form walking around, jogging around, or just sitting on a bench or something. But she'll be around trying to get a feel for who's around and chatting up familiar people.
G) Practicing her magic. A lot of it is filial, but some of it is also garner from other worlds. She's mostly comparing what she "knows" she should be able to do, versus what she can actually do if she's some temporary person here. This will mostly be out at the forest's edge, but also in the barracks, up at the mountains, on the beach...

No matter when you see her if you ask about the future she's from she'll probably tell you tall tales about the future. If you have anything you'd specifically want or not want your character to hear, ring me for permissions here. Let's have fun with this, folks. Replies will be from [personal profile] cougarmom]
Haruhi Suzumiya
10 June 2012 @ 03:52 pm

placesetting )

For those that new any of them, Uriko Nonomura is finally home and Neku Sakuraba's also gone back to his Shibuya. [As Neku vanished over a week ago (she simply delayed announcing it because consoling Shiki meant more to her than letting the public know) she suspects some of his friends will have noticed him being more quiet than usual. But regardless-]

But, despite that, Luceti, I've got something different and much more exciting to tell you all about! I'm sure by now all of you have heard of my SOS-Brigade, right?! We're have an HQ ready to take clients at any time in the center of town, we have a boat out at those docks at the ocean, we helped construct a shrine for Amatersu out at the cherry tree hill, and of course one of my Lieutenants, Oswald, is running Hydra Social! You really can't miss us!

Well, this is just a friendly reminder that this Spreading Excitement All Over the World With Haruhi Suzumiya Brigade is open to both new members and new clients in the days to come! We're willing to support anyone that comes to us with problems, particularly if they happen to be interesting ones, and if you want to join our ranks, we'll welcome you as well!

[Cough. Okay] And, as I'm sure all you people who have been here a while haven noticed, we're rapidly closing in on a important holiday. You can guess what it is, right? Tanabata! Of course it's Tanabata, happening on the 7th of July! As always, you and expect the SOS-Brigade to put out fireworks, food, and bamboo shoots to tie your wishes onto come nightfall, but this year we're planning to show you stars both during the day and the night! Do you know how...?

[And here she picks up a megaphone to speak into it into the journal]

Luceti's Second Brigade Hosted Cross Beauty Pageant!

Naturally, as it's going to be happening in July we'll be accepting sign ups - personal or by proxy [so sign up your friends :T] before the day of, and when the day comes we'll be taking a popular and judge's vote, just like last time! And like last time, remember that this is cross beauty! [Cross dressing. Girls in suits (even if last time this wasn't the case). Men in dresses. You know how it is. If you don't...] People who don't adhere to those standards when the time comes will of course be assisted by staff from All Passions or the Brigade itself when the time comes, but let's get those signatures in so that we can ensure it'll be a good show!

I'll be here to answer any questions that aren't stupid - Haruhi Suzumiya, over and out!
Haruhi Suzumiya
27 May 2012 @ 08:12 am

[So from Day 2 of this onward, Haruhi is now Haruki. This effect will last all week and possibly be stacked on top of other effects. You guys are free to come at him with whatever you want too, and I'll roll with it. Replies to this post are generally assumed to be Day 3 or later, and you and see Days 1 and 2 here

The scenarios used in this post do not have to be how you tag him on those given days, I'm trying to supply some ideas for people stumped as to how to do it. Seriously he can be anywhere within reason, so give me a case and hit me.]

[Action: Day 3]
[In which Haruki is throwing out his sheets/comforter and needs to go get new ones. Pity the bed's still too small for him, or nearly, but he doesn't want to change all that up.]

[Action: Day 4, 5]
[Jogging, lots of jogging. All around the village and the forest's edge. Sure it's cloudy on Day 4, but all that means is that it's less hot so it's not sweltering. As such, he is jogging shirtless on both days and generally enjoying this somewhat cooler and breezy later spring/early summer. And you should too.]

[Voice: Day 6]
[On and off storming all day, Haruki has decided to stay in. In the course of staying in, he's decided to start making more complete notes on how he wants to run that pageant idea. And in the course of doing that, he flips on the voice to ask something of the village-]

Oi, so who here would like to see some of their friends participate in a pageant? I know some of you do already and some of you did last time, but let's hear it.

[Action: Day 7, 8]
[Sort of expecting to be replaced by Haruhi today because these days make a week of weird effects. In spite of himself it makes him pensive, and as such he hangs out mostly around Ammy's Tree Hill today, looking at the tail end of the blooms there. He'll also be around the village later, of course.]

[Action: Day 9, 10]
[Aaaand then he wasn't replaced, which was perplexing. However, by this point he has seen and done a lot of weird things, so he's just trying to go about a normal day of hanging at the HQ, fully expecting something weird to bust into his life anyway. Might as well hang out and see what's what, so when he isn't in the HQ he's wandering around, maybe looking for something or someone interesting]
Haruhi Suzumiya
07 May 2012 @ 10:00 pm
[Voice / Action for the library]

[For the last 20some days, Haruhi Suzumiya has been obsessively studying. While she slowed down some after the Cultural Fair, it still was a very, very welcome distraction from thinking about how much she was hurt by that break up. Which is why she's been in and our of the library a lot. Finally though today she has decided to prop open the journal and ask for help.]

Hey, Luceti, does anyone recognize these?

[And she moves the journal to focus on:
* Helios's universe basic spellbook
* Basic Buffyverse spellbook (possibly this one or this one)
Lined up next to each other. these are the two she's had the most success with so far... she even more or less mastered one of the spells in the first one.]

Or these?

[And now it focuses on:
* Touhou Grimoire
* CLAMP universe magic tome (Western)
* CLAMP universe magic tome (Eastern)
Much less success here...]

Or this one? [She is much more unhappy sounding at this last book (a Greenhill Academy Rune textbook) because she's had basically no success even figuring out what it is talking about other than it apparently deals with mythology and magic... things.]

Or, I also found the "Writings of Aurelius" next to those first two ones, but I'm not sure if it's got spells in it or not... [it feels ominous, actually... so she figured it might, but- inside it just looks like a bunch of horoscope type things as well as just some weird old school notes]

I'm looking for people who know these books and are willing to tutor me in what's within them. I expect answers ASAP; that is all. [A pause] Also, Leon, since when do you write textbooks? [And then the camera focuses on a book written by Leon DS Geeste on Symbology]

[Anyone can, of course, question here about this post. Or the books. Or both]
Haruhi Suzumiya
22 April 2012 @ 12:39 pm
[Action Part 1: 15th -> 20th]

[Following her break up, Haruhi didn't tell anymore. Not explicitly. She didn't see Winry either, didn't go the Smithy, didn't go the Hughes house, and has yet to use any of the relationship cards she has left (why would she? Most of the ones she has are just inane things anyway... maybe she will in time). Instead, she just hits the books in the library hard. Studying absolutely everything she can find about magic, alchemy, or other superpowers which she hopes/wills to be learnable through effort on her part. She's even trying to practice some of the stuff she finds in there, though with limited success due to how foul her mood is.

This sets the stage for her whole week, really. Wake up, make breakfast out of habit, go the library, study obsessively, and when she can't study anymore (around the actual meeting times in the early afternoon) she goes and hangs out at the SOS-Brigade's HQ, nominally to check out how people are doing with preparations for the cultural festival. But he heart isn't really in it, not yet. She hopes it'll be there again before the day of. Anyway, from there, skip lunch, maybe go to All Passions, then back to the library until she comes home to House 10 quite late. Snack thing at about 10PM, go to sleep, repeat.]

[Action Part 2: 22nd]

[A certain voice message is what totally breaks her out of her stupor. Because frankly (and she knows unfairly) the idea of Winry going out drinking (probably celebrating her singleness with that bitch) while she's stuck with just being frustrated on her day just pisses her off. She doesn't even want to spend her day with Winry right now, which is why despite them agreeing to meet on Sundays she made absolutely no effort to run into her. ...It's not that Haruhi's stupid. She knows Winry is upset too, and she knows that the other girl won't be celebrating. But it's so much easier to be mad than it is to be miserable. It's for that reason she attempts her longest teleportation yet that that night, going all the way from the library up to the roof of House 10. And she's going to just be sitting there on the roof of House 10 all night, looking up at the sky. Trying to be right again.

It's eerily similar, to anyone who has been here long enough to remember, to Haruki's reaction to Kyonko going home, actually. She promises that this is the last night to herself. She'll be better after this. Because moping (yes, she has been moping, hasn't she) like she has been is stupid anyway.]
Haruhi Suzumiya
26 March 2012 @ 10:34 am
[Voice (obv Action for House 10)]

[So Haruhi got home last night - later last night, and after looking at the bracelet she earned and putting it away, she sighed to herself and went to bed. Thus, it is the next morning after she got up to make breakfast out of some force of habit despite everything that she opens the journal to let everyone know-]

I'm back! About time too, that run a little longer than I was expecting... oh well! It was interesting, at least! Those TPs might be psychos, but they have some neat stuff, even if those pictographs don't really make any sense [she took some notes on them. She could recreate some from memory. But that's another matter] I definitely could have done without the spike pit trap again though, jeez... I even brought a fedora, expecting a classic like a giant ball or arrows in the wall, but no, all I get is some lame spike bit and a bear trap. [Both of which she avoided, but this might not be clear in context]

Well, whatever... I miss anything? Brigade! ...Everyone else! Report!

[When she hears about certain goings on she might be more excited. Like say the cultural fair or if she decides to get a Hanami up or making Miyabi her shrine. As it is though she just says this, leaves the journal open, and goes back to making breakfast.]
Haruhi Suzumiya
01 March 2012 @ 02:41 pm

It's a little warmer today...

[Daisy announced they were back a few days ago... no reason to dwell on that given it was so long ago. She could say something else about the mission but... no, off journals entirely she thinks would be best. So, in the end... she lets her mind wander just long enough to let out this beauty:]

You know, a play's been done, maybe this time I should set up another pageant? [Those old enough to remember Haruki's pageant might know what this means she dissolves into humming, and there's the sound of a pen working all through this public part. She's making the filter for the next part]

[Filter including SOS-Brigade Members, Shiki Ryougi, former Brigade members, Buffy, Sanji, housemates, and other people she likes* // Filtered against Mikuru]

[* - If you want to know if you're in the filter you can PM me I suppose but it's probably worth assuming you are if you're asking at all Anyway, she clears her throat for this one before]

All of you are cordially invited to a birthday party for Mikuru Asahina. Her birthday's on the tenth of March and [because she is bored enough to do this] we've going for a special Surprise Party! It's bring your own dish to pass despite being the surprise, so while I'll bring some things, be sure to bring your own gifts or food! It'll be in Room 1 of the Battle Dome, so consider that one reserved all of that day.

Invite your friends if you want but all creeps can and will be bounced!

[THERE. Now she can show off how she can program things better than the people who did that beach party. Humph]

[Voice // Filtered to Otonashi]

This is your last chance to apologize to maidkind. You have ten days.

[Also links this]
Haruhi Suzumiya
20 February 2012 @ 08:23 pm

Hey, SOS-Brigade, I'm going to be out for the next few days. Off to the desert.

[A beat]

That said, just because I'm going to be out doesn't mean that people who were traumatized by the experiment shouldn't come to seek my Brigade's counsel. In fact, if you were, go ahead and stop by, we'll sort you out. [here or on this post or your own post or wherever]

[Hum. Mentioning Hydra Social or plans she might have for March would be too much, this is good for now. Really she's... a little nervous, but she's also confident she's got this for for the desert. Cooking, keeping supplies in order, management. All things she excels at.]

Over and out!

[Feel free to reply with anyone of course]
Haruhi Suzumiya
05 February 2012 @ 12:25 pm

Okay Luceti, tell me! Maids, specifically dressing cute girls up at them: Fetish, or Art Form?


That message goes up solo, and the rest of this trails maybe ten minutes later as an afterthought]

Also! If you guys saw that mega-birthday party the other day [here] or have involvement in Hydra Social [here] you've gotten a taste of what the Brigade can do for you. We also do consultations, so be sure to call on on, particularly if you can answer my earlier question correctly. [Particularly because, well... Valentines. She actually has two different plans for how to deal with it, she really needs to confer with Winry about which she'd prefer to see happen. But that reminds her...]

Hey Mikuru, do you want to sleep over tonight?

[EDIT: and then later that night she remembers something else, so she adds in]

Oh... right. Are there any people who know how to sail a ship who aren't otherwise occupied, willing to be hired out, and willing to head out into the water this time of year?

[If this wasn't clear already this post originated in an argument between Winry and Haruhi, so she might jack into various threads]
Haruhi Suzumiya
07 January 2012 @ 05:17 pm

Okay, so listen up, everyone. There's a new girl in town who I want you all to recognize and keep something in mind when dealing with her!

[And then to the book, she holds up a picture of Mikuru ([personal profile] tpdd). Taken with the journal and ripped out - namely, it's just her making tea in a cute pink yukata. Something simple and non-invasive for the time being]

This is her - Mikuru Asahina. She's cute, right? Of course she is!

[And then this face]

If any of you guys are harassing her or hitting on her or whatever and I hear about it I'm reserving the right to pepper stray or taser you. You got that? I'm serious too, don't you doubt that for a second.

[...Okay no with that done with back to smiling! She laughs where briefly before-]

Now! If you want to see her or you just want to helped out - particularly all you New Feathers, bonus points if you have something interesting to show us - recall that the SOS-Brigade is open to taking requests even now. Now that the holidays are over and the winters settling in on us, now's the prime time to do it! Got some stuff which needs investigating? Some emotions you can't deal with, some other inane task we can mend when it comes to interpersonal issues?! Sign right up! the HQ's right in the center of town, you can't miss it.

[... Hm. Yeah that should do it Request post for the Brigade is here, just recall!]

-And for today anyone coming to see Mikuru I'm screening first.

[EDIT: For the record if anyone wants action threads with Mikuru (or Haruhi! or both!) for whatever reason both are at the HQ right now.]
Haruhi Suzumiya
08 December 2011 @ 11:19 pm
[Filtered to the SOS-Brigade // 90% Unhackable] )

[Open Voice]

Luceti, listen up! In this Holiday Season we're coming into now, no doubt there'll be even more parties and such than what has already happened and no doubt the Organization will throw something at us too. However, I want you all to bear in mind that there is an outlet for whatever complications you run into as a result of all this: the legendary SOS-Brigade. Like always, come to our HQ if you have any problems, particularly if they're interesting.

[Take that, Angel]

Besides this... If you want to join our ranks, you can apply there as well. Furthermore, keep your eyes peeled for something way more impressive than our efforts last year.

Haruhi, over and out!

[Filtered from Winry // 90% Unhackable]

[...] But hey, for any of you who don't know, Winry's birthday is on the eleventh. [A beat] She's been sick for a while now, and I don't know if she'll be 100% by then, so we're not going to do some huge party, but if you're her friend you better still get her gifts! Nice, thoughtful things!

[Filtered from Kyon // 90% Unhackable]

[And then this has been bugging her for a while. Seeking insight from the whole village - her, the leader of the SOS-Brigade - would be disgusting. But she can at least get one thing out of the way here]

If you happen to - [...She was going to introduce everyone to him as "Kyon" to make sure he has no chance to reclaim his name. She remembers doing something similar in Luceti, years ago, the last time Kyon was here. But the moment she starts, her heart isn't in it] ... You know what, forget it. Whatever.