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SOS-Brigade Information

The Basics:

Our OOC comm for the group is [community profile] sosbrigadiers. Please use it. The Requests post is stickied on the comm.
Spreading Excitement all Over the World with Haruhi Suzumiya Brigade
(If if you're a sub-fan it's Sekai o Ōini Moriageru Tame no Suzumiya Haruhi no Dan)

Or SOS-Brigade for short; which is what everyone calls it. As of the changes to the Brigade's format, "SOS" will take on a second meaning akin to what it actually sounds like; the distress call of a "ship." Or in this case, of people.

Stated Purpose
The original stated purpose of the SOS-Brigade in canon was "The SOS-Brigade is looking for mysteries of the world. People who have experienced something mysterious in the past, have experienced something mysterious recently, or who plan on a mysterious experience in the near future should come to the SOS Brigade for them be solved." However, in Luceti, due to a necessary change in format, the Brigade's purpose has shifted. Now, the purpose is as follows:
"To ensure that everyone in Luceti experiences a worthwhile life. The SOS-Brigade will be there to support troubled people in whatever capacity they need to be assisted"

Which is to say that the SOS-Brigade now functions as a support group, an "SOS" for people who need help in interpersonal matters. These matters can be relatively small or relatively complex. Some examples might be helping someone work out a confession, helping them overcome a phobia, dealing with day to day communication with their neighbors, babysitting, self-improvement, or any other sort of quasi-therapy problems which a support group might help with. The only things to note are that:
1) The SOS-Brigade is not an odd-jobs group, it is a support group. It is meant to assist in self-improvement or interpersonal matters between or about characters, not to accomplish menial or big tasks.
2) The SOS-Brigade is still run by Haruhi. That means that there will be random events it will involve itself with when it's not getting a lot of clients or parties/events it will create either with a minimal or grand excuse
3) No one in the SOS-Brigade (currently, anyway) is a qualified therapist. In the event they get a client they don't think they can help with, as a support group, they will refer them to someone qualified to handle proper therapy (such as, say, Paprika).

Current Brigade Roster:

Please note that even if they never interacted ICly (which they really should, honestly) it should be assumed that everyone in the Brigade knows each other to some extent and most likely are even friends to an extent, given the nature of the Brigade. This is why and encourage interaction between members. So hard.
Brigade Chief
Haruhi Suzumiya ([personal profile] godbent)

Vice Chief
Leon D.S. Geeste ([personal profile] fellpool)

Deputy Vice Chief

Brigade Members
Grune ([personal profile] lostinmyway)
Hoshikyo ([personal profile] magicalesbian)

New Members
Shinji Ikari ([personal profile] shinesbrightest)

Original Members
Kyon ([personal profile] menial)

Brigade Roles:

Within the SOS-Brigade while there are numerous roles to be fulfilled, only three of them have any sort of "official" title. They are as follows:

  • Brigade Chief: The Chief is Haruhi's title, and it means that she is the boss. In her own words, her "word is law" and she makes the final call when it comes to things the Brigade does, clients it takes up, how it deals with clients, and who is recruited in. Orders can be refused, of course, but she is usually inflexible with them unless there is a convincing argument represented or it's just not worth the trouble.

  • Vice Chief: The Vice-Chief is the Chief when Haruhi is incapable of performing her duties. Aside from that, they serve as Haruhi's wingman, and is the one that she listens to the most of anyone in the Brigade. Because of this they will also be excluded from any any sort of physical labor.

  • Deputy Vice Chief: A largely cosmetic position. It doesn't afford them any special permissions or anything, just that they will take up the position of chief in the event that the Chief and Vice-Chief are unable to do it

However, there are also a handful of other relevant positions in the Brigade. These positions are not named or officially sanctioned, merely that they are necessary for the practical day-to-day application of the SOS-Brigade either during meetings or in its modern form. If you think your character is in one of these roles due to their CR with Haruhi, they probably are. If you have an interest in your character being in one of these roles, just steer it that way in threads. These are played fast and vague, so asking for permission is not usually necessary.

  • Front Desk: The goal for the new SOS-Brigade is to be open if not 24/7 at least most of any given day. To accomplish this, someone needs to be manning the "front desk" (which doesn't technically exist yet) at all times. Or at least as close to all times as possible, in order to meet up with new clients. Over time, a shift schedule might be made for this.

  • Tea Server: During meetings it is necessary, according to Haruhi, for their to be someone serving tea, preferably in a maid outfit. If the maid outfit is impossible there still ought to be someone serving tea in order to keep everyone's spirits up.

  • Food Supplies: Because the new SOS-Brigade is "professional" it is a must that it has minor refreshments like cookies or fruits or doughnuts or crackers at all times. It's possible that more than one person will account for this and it is worth noting that the HQ has both a small stove and a mini-fridge in it to store/heat things where needed.

  • Secretary: Basically, someone who writes down Haruhi's thoughts during meetings or otherwise keeps records of what goes on in either meetings or meetings with clients.

  • Advertising: You have to go out (sometimes in costume, sometimes with some other sort of flair) to hand out fliers or put up fliers or hold up signs or otherwise advertise the Brigade to people in Luceti, usually from the square.

  • Underling: Someone not trusted for any other sort of work. Essentially, someone who is seen as only being fit for basic tasks or manual labor and will generally be ordered into all sorts of miscellaneous tasks by Haruhi. This will, ironically, result in them often being the most invaluable in any given situation.

In addition there are certain other arbitrary or circumstantial roles that might be assigned to people for given tasks or situations not on this list. Or, there might be characters with very specialized skills which result in them getting titles like Scientist or Game's Master. However, the above are good general roles to consider. It is possible to be in the Brigade and not assume any of these roles, however.

Brigade Function:

The revised SOS-Brigade is a support group. It is meant to work on a per-client basis, wherein a client comes to them with some sort of problem and the Brigade works as best it can to resolve that problem as best they can using the means they have. Contact can be initiated through any number of means including your own post, hitting up the appointments thread of a member, or over the journal. There is also a Requests Page on the Brigade's comm stickied up here. Just let us know OOCly through a PM or something if you're shy to do that ICly and we'll make it happen.

These problems can be widely viable in nature - people can come to them with any sort of "problem" and unless Haruhi (who has the final say) deems it not worth their time or dodgy (ex: someone who wants to kill all the humans and doesn't want to get better about it or something like that) the Brigade will then take steps to resolve it. If the Brigade is incapable of resolving it (for example, a practical thing like a need for workers to build a building or someone who needs genuine therapy) the Brigade will then refer the client to some other person or organization better equipped to handle it.

The "solutions" to problems might be simple, or they might be shenanigans-worthy and complex. It all depends on the problem and the solution that Haruhi and/or others in the Brigade come up with. Players who make use of this as clients are encouraged to work with us to make a small plot out of it - we would be more than happy to do this. Please, work with us and we'll work with you and we'll all benefit nicely from these sorts of things.

Aside from the client-based system though, the SOS-Brigade will keep up the existing role it has had in Luceti and organize "events" in order to help people out. These events might vary widely and only be tangentially related to helping people out (such as a sporting event, a holiday festival, a card game tournament, etc) but they are done mostly to fill the time and capabilities of the SOS-Brigade. This also ensures that even if there aren't clients at a given time the SOS-Brigade is still actively doing something.

As a footnote the Brigade also exists to have a constant rivalry with the Student Council that Haruhi perpetuates for no real reason other than to have a "rival." They will work with or beside any other group (Brave Vesperia, the Rogues, the Welcome Center, etc), but not the Council.

Brigade Meetings:

Aside from the fact that members of the Brigade are expected to spend a certain amount of time manning the front desk and/or hanging out in the Brigade's HQ (which will be more tolerable once it is renovated) there are also set meeting times where the Brigade is all expected to come together. The times here allow for school to be a factor, of course and are as follows:
Sunday: No meetings on weekends normally
Monday: Meeting starts at 2:30pm
Tuesday: Meeting starts at 2:30pm
Wednesday: Meeting starts at 2:30pm
Thursday: Meeting starts at 2:30pm
Friday: Meeting starts at noon
Saturday: No meetings on weekends normally

Meeting "content" might be extensive if there is a tasks at hand (a client to help, some other problem to solve, an event to plan) and therefore might be spirited or take place at least in part outside the building if there is a site that needs to be looked at or fixed up. On a slow day, it might just be them sitting there, chatting, playing games, reading, or whatever else they might do on a slow day. Meetings have a set starting time, but they might end anywhere between an hour to three hours later, depending on how much is going on during that meeting or what the Brigade as a whole is doing.

ICly, meetings are usually assumed unless someone makes a call to arms on the journals or something of that nature. Additionally, it can be generally assumed that the meetings are the best time for clients to come in.

Brigade Holdings

  • Brigade HQ: This is the current layout of the Brigade HQ after Brave Vesperia finished the renovations in December. There's a small plaque in the waiting room crediting them. It is located at Building O in the square on the Luceti Locations Post. Further details about the interior of rooms in both the new HQ will be supplied in future. For now, not all the furniture might be there and the fish tank is not there yet

  • Badges: A feature that Hatuhi added after the affair with the Kin'cora refugees, Brigade memories and honorary Brigade members are now given pin badges both for themselves and to give out to people they spread the message of the Brigade to in and especially out (on missions or drafts) of Luceti. In addition to looking cool, the ones for the Brigade proper at least would have the backing would be made of green beryl. This is a Starr Ocean material and won't be visible unless the badge is turned around. When worn, the badge would raise physical strength by 10% and reduce magical energy expended when casting by 10%.

  • Defunct Casino: House 37 on the Luceti Locations Post was converted into a casino by the SOS-Brigade. This effort was made for only one night though, so it is possible that the slot machines and pachinko machines at last might be cannibalized for other locations like the HQ itself or the Rec Center. Currently, Uriko is living in House 37. - As per Uriko's drop Haruhi has the slot machines and pachinko machines moved out of the building to be put in various other locations such as her own house, the Brigade HQ, and/or the Rec Center (details pending)

  • Boat: The SOS-Brigade has a ship which was brought into being by Edward Elric. It has gone to little use, but is docked out in the ocean, as seen by this map. There is no detailed interior design for it or anything yet (that is forthcoming) - but it is a sizable craft, meant to (somewhat tightly) fit a dozen or more people on it for a day trip. Because Ed made it, there are certain ugly design motifs on things like the front figure, door knobs, and etc. It was created through alchemy and as yet barely tested on the open water. It was damaged during a storm and is still undergoing repairs.

Feel free to ask any questions you might have or voice concerns.